CNC machined handgun grips with hand finishing and fitting.
By Gustav & Dennis Marschalko

High resolution pictures High resolution pictures #2 High resolution pictures #3
High resolution pictures #4 Radom P64 Bersa Thunder 380 and 380 CC
FEG PA-63 Makarov Tokarev TT-33, Yugoslav MOD 57
SIG SAUER P245/P220 COMPACT Bersa UC9/HC9/Firestorm 45 Mini CZ 52
CZ 82/83 Walther PPK SIG SAUER P225 grips on gun
SIG SAUER P230/P232 beavertail grips STAR MODELO SUPER 1911 Auto

CZ 75 & 82/83 Thin grips Zastava MODEL 57 SIG SAUER P225 w/thumb rest
Mauser HSc grips Walther P38/P1/P4, Mauser P38 grips Mauser 1910/34 grips
FN High Power Grips. grips for Smith & Wesson K/L Square butt revolvers ARCUS 98DAC
ZVI Kevin / Micro Desert Eagle grips. Bersa 380 PLUS

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Checkered Wattle with red finish.

Makarov German made. Zebrano Wood Checkered finish.
Right side
Checkered Wattle with red finish.

Makarov 8 round
Bubinga, 'star' checkered
Makarov Ash wood

Made of "red star" checkered Wattle with red finish
Makarov 8 round
Walnut, 'star' checkered,
with red Schal-lac finish

Makarov 8 round
Wattle, dark finish
MAde of Zebrawood, "star" checkered finish

Makarov 8 round
Zebrawood, Zebrano
Made for 8 round Makarovs
Checkered to the top on both sides.
The backstrap is checkered for better control.
Picture 1
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